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Being the only team working exclusively with equines in such a large area, we can offer advanced technical expertise and innovative treatments at very competitive prices. We are constantly pushing the boundaries to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of our profession and take much pride in our long-lasting relationships within the local community and with other outstanding medical professionals. 

Our team speaks five languages, in addition to French and English, we also speak German, Portuguese and Spanish. We are extremely dedicated to the welfare of animals, are available whenever you need us, and absolutely love what we do.

Dr. Luis Fazenda has been serving the needs of equines and their owners for over 20 years and provides the following full range of services:

24h Emergency Care

Equine Planet offers 24h Ambulatory Emergency Care. There are too many situations for which it is not possible to wait, regardless of the time of the day in which they occur. We also operate an after-hours and weekend service to clients needing an evaluation of their animal.


The application of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TVCM) principles for diagnosing disease allows us to shed light on the origin of pathologies. We are able to restore health and well-being by looking at the animal’s system in a comprehensive, integrated and complete way.

Behavioural Problems

The best horse professionals recognise that dealing with horses and training them requires thorough knowledge of their character, their nature, how they act among the same species and how they react to the presence and attitudes/actions of humans around them.

Blood Analysis

At Equine Planet we consider blood analysis an important tool in veterinary medicine for diagnosing and monitoring almost all diseases. Our analysis are sent out to special laboratories and our clients can expect results within 3-5 working days.


Dental care is essential to all equines and will directly influence their overall health. We highly recommend that your animal’s teeth are checked and rasped at least once a year. The first visit should take place around 3 years of age.


At Equine Planet we treat many different dermatological conditions. The most prevalent cases in equines are caused by allergies, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections. In some rare cases the animal may suffer from an immune-mediated disease.


At Equine Planet we strongly recommend the use of a targeted and individually tailored deworming program that is designed to identify those horses, ponies or donkeys that suffer from a particularly high parasite burden.

Geriatric Medicine

We give great importance to preventive medicine in senior horses, and will do everything we can to keep them strong and healthy until ripe old age, which they surely deserve. Our senior health check-up plan covers many important areas.

Internal Medicine

At Equine Planet we can diagnose and treat many disorders that involve multiple organ systems, whether they are sudden or chronic. Regardless of the cause of the disease our emphasis is on non-invasive diagnostic and treatment methods.

Lameness Evaluation

Lameness is the most frequent cause of reduced performance and loss of use in almost every type of horse. A lameness investigation will usually begin with a full orthopedic examination and gait analysis at walk and trot.

Laser Therapy

This therapy uses laser and LED beams of light to stimulate those cells in the body that repair damaged tissue, reduce inflammation and transmit pain. It is a non-invasive treatment that emits no heat, sound, or vibration. 

Neonatology + Pediatrics

At Equine Planet we provide neonatal and pediatric care from early pregnancy to delivery through the neonatal period (first 10 days of life) to the weaning phase. The first hours of a newborn foal are of course always critical.

Nutritional Advice

A healthy diet is as important for equines as it is for humans and their nutritional requirements are greatly dependent on their age and activity level. In terms of good nutrition and feeding management a ‘one size fits all approach’ does not work.


It is important that any eye problems in horses are rapidly diagnosed and treated if permanent damage to the eye and eyesight is to be avoided. For this reason we recommend prompt veterinary assessment for even apparently minor eye problems.

Ozone Therapy

At Equine Planet we are using Ozone Therapy as an integrative medicine treatment that due to its remarkable detoxification and oxidative / reactive properties can stimulate the animal’s body to renew and regenerate itself.


We have a deep respect for nature and give importance to herbal medicines that are used in their whole and natural state. Phytotherapy is the oldest medicine known to mankind and promotes the use of natural plant based extracts as medicine and prophylactic agents.

Preventive Medicine

Equine Planet offers a comprehensive preventive health care program from the moment of birth until ripe old age. We will do our best possible to ensure that your horse, pony and donkey enjoy many happy, healthy and harmonious years.

Reproductive Services

We offer assistance with many aspects of breeding and pregnancy diagnosis and are happy to help you develop a breeding plan that suits your personal management needs.


At Equine Planet we perform 24h minimally invasive emergency procedures, such as lacerations resulting from traumas and vaginal lacerations during birth, at your yard.


Vaccinations are an important tool in the prevention and spreading of transmissible diseases. A vaccination programme ensures that your horse receives maximum protection against infections that can cause serious (and sometimes fatal) diseases.



Under European Union (EU) regulations, which came into effect on 1st July 2009, all equines have to be microchipped before an owner can apply for an equine passport. The application of the microchip must be performed by a veterinarian and is completely painless.

Passports & Export Health Certificates

We are able to provide you with a certificate of equine identification which is needed by the agencies in order to issue Equine passports. We are also qualified to complete horse export health certificates should you wish to transport your horse abroad.

Pre-Purchase & Insurance Exams

At Equine Planet we offer a thorough five-stage vetting process to help potential buyers make a more informed decision regarding the purchase of a horse. We can also provide existing owners with an assessment of their animal’s health for insurance purposes.

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