The application of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TVCM) principles for diagnosing disease allows us to shed light on the origin of pathologies in a way that conventional methods do not take into consideration.

Based on the theory that all of the body’s organs mutually support each other and that disease and other emotional, mental and physical problems arise when specific pathways (meridians) are blocked, weak or excessive, we are able to restore health and well-being by simply looking at the animal’s system in a comprehensive, integrated and complete way.

At Equine Planet we use Acupuncture either as a stand-alone therapy or alongside our conventional and/or part of our integrative treatments. We achieve outstanding results in areas such as:

  • chronic conditions (in severely affected, long-term suffering animals we can significantly improve quality of life)
  • allergies of the skin and respiratory system (e.g. insect hypersensitivity, coughs, asthma, etc.)
  • psychological and behavioural problems (despite of a rise in human drugs for equines, TCVM is far more effective without causing drug dependency)
  • lameness (preventing the further development of orthopaedic lesions and syndromes)
  • sweating disorder        
  • internal medicine disorders (addressing their root cause instead of their symptoms)


”Modern experiments have shown that acupuncture points occur where nerves penetrate tissue planes or where nerves themselves divide. Stimulation of this points creates a local tissue trauma which activates Hageman’s tissue factor XII.

This results in a complex local reaction which spreads over time throughout the entire neural axis evoking numerous biochemical changes within the nervous system and then to the all body.

In modern times, constant needle stimulation of this points have been replaced by other more efficient stimulations such as electrical stimulation, (as with TENS units), injections of diluted substances, injections of ozone, laser stimulation or gold bead permanent implants”.

by R.M.Clemmons,  Associated Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the University of Florida, USA


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