Nutritional Advice

A healthy diet is as important for equines as it is for humans and their nutritional requirements are greatly dependent on their age and activity level. Young foals should receive a good balance of protein and trace minerals to help them develop a healthy skeletal system. Performance horses can increase fitness and strength with a properly formulated diet. Senior horses require easily digestible feeds that will be gentle to their intestinal tract and kidneys. At Equine Planet we understand that in terms of good nutrition and feeding management a ‘one size fits all approach’ does not work. We therefore provide our clients with case by case assessments that take into consideration the following factors:
  1. The overall digestive and metabolic physiology (a very small stomach, long small intestines, fermentative digestion, absence of a gallbladder, etc.) including nutrient functions and requirements.
  2. Nutritional management (depending on the life stage of the animal and function).
  3. Assessment of feeds (including local availability, hygienic quality, recommended quantity and costs).
  4. Clinical nutrition (including recommendations on supplementation, vitamins, minerals, nutraceutics, etc.)
  If you are interested in understanding more about the specific nutritional requirements of your animal and would like to learn how to formulate a healthy diet, please feel free to schedule an Equine Diet Consultancy Visit with us. .

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