Preventive Health Care

Equine Planet offers a comprehensive preventive health care programme from the moment of birth until ripe old age. We will do our best possible to ensure that your horse enjoys many happy and healthy years.


The foundations of our preventive equine health care program are:


  • Behavioral analysis
  • Dental exams
  • Dewormings
  • General monitoring
  • Nutritional advice
  • Reproductive monitoring
  • Vaccinations

Equine Health Check-up Plans

1. Pregnancy Check-up:
  • General examination + Blood analysis.
  • Precocious pregnancy diagnosis, before 34 days.
  • Establish a deworming and vaccination plan.
  • Nutritional plan and supplementation.
  • Management & Special care.
  • Birth alarms
2. Birth Check-up:
  • Immunization
  • Examination of mare and foal (evaluation of the colostrum, mammary gland, release of the meconium, and the umbilical cord).
  • Establishing a deworming and vaccination plan.
  • Nutritional plan for both mare and foal.
  • Specific care for the newborn and mare.
  • Extra immunity supplementation.
3. Years 2-3 Check-up:
  • First dentistry consultation (introducing the animal to the intervention).
  • “Resenho” for legal and institutional matters.
  • Crucial period for behavioral issues.
  • Education for veterinary procedures (it is very important to be able to handle your horse in case of an emergency).
  • Check-up of the musculoskeletal system, to see if everything is alright to start training the horse.
  • Castration.
4. Geriatric Check-up:
  • General examination + Blood analysis.
  • Establish a deworming and vaccination plan.
  • Nutritional plan.
  • Monitoring the most common diseases that affect the geriatric population, such as, endocrine diseases and arthritis.
5. Annual Equine Report Check-up:
  • Equine report

Overall we find our clients increasingly more and better informed about specific and technical information, leading to a much better care of the animal. That’s why we feel obliged to raise the standard and develop, according to criteria implemented in the United States, an Annual Equine Report.

  • Vaccination

We provide and strongly recommend annual vaccination for your horse for tetanus and Influenza. Horses that compete in national competitions (FEP) will need a bi-annual vaccination to be able to compete.

6. Pre and Post Purchase Check-up:

We can help potential buyers to make a more informed decision regarding the purchase of a horse by providing them with:

  • A complete and thorough medical exam with specific recommendations.
  • An assessment to establish if the animal has any type of pathology that would impair his intended use or family integration.
  • Advice and guidance on the correct care and management of the new animal from a medical, nutritional, and educational point of view.

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