Geriatric Medicine

A few decades ago a 20 year old horse was considered an old horse. However, with the introduction of preventive and prophylactic medicine and better daily care, it is now possible to extend the life of your animal considerably.

Similarly to what happens with human beings, where a panoply of degenerative diseases may emerge in old age, a similar process can occur with our animals as their life expectancy increases. Therefore, we advise our clients to give special attention and care to the more senior equines, as well as register for regular health check-ups.

At Equine Planet we give great importance to preventive medicine in senior horses, and will do everything we can to keep them strong and healthy until ripe old age, which they surely deserve.


Our senior health check-up plan covers in essence areas such as:

  • Hormonal Balance – Diseases like “Cushing’s Disease” are important to diagnose and treat early in order for your animal to enjoy a longer life.
  • Nutrition – Depending on your horse’s ability to chew and digest, we will discuss appropriate feed that will satisfy your horse’s hunger without causing any digestive problems.
  • Oral Health – Yearly dental checkups are recommended to closely monitor any chewing and digestive problems that can result due to teeth abnormalities.
  • Weight / weight loss – This can be caused by a number of factors, including long or loose teeth, dietary intake, or systemic illness.


Furthermore, if your senior horse, pony or donkey suffers from arthritis, arthrosis, chronic pain, cataracts and melanomas, or if you notice any changes in behavior, appetite or weight please contact us, so we can inform you of all the special senior care options available to you.


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